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1 Mar 2019

5 Myths about Stem Cell Therapy Debunked Successfully

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In the modern world, the internet is seen as the most reliable source for gathering information. Many people turn to the search engines these days to solve any query they have in their mind. However, it is also true that the internet is the source from where many myths and misconceptions are spread.

One of the biggest testimonies of the advancement of medical science is stem cell therapy. Many people have availed this therapy and hot treated successfully. However, if you search the internet, you will find plenty of articles which are spreading the wrong information about this excellent medical treatment procedure. Because of that, many people are shying away from availing the treatment which absolutely uncalled for. That is why the time has come to debunk those myths and show people the actual efficacy of stem cell therapy in India. Hence, let’s debunk 5 of the most prevalent myths about stem cell therapy found on the internet.

Myth #1: Stem Cell Therapy is Illegal

Now, if the embryonic stem cells are used in the treatment then that could draw legal consequences. Otherwise, this treatment is absolutely safe and legal. Another that one needs to keep in mind and that is the cells have to be used on the same day before they actually expand.

Myth #2 Stem Cells are taken from Embryos

Once there was a research done on the effect of the embryonic stem cells and its effect in treating medical conditions. But this research did create a lot of controversies and it is many raised ethical concerns about stem cell therapy. Those stem cell treatment providers who maintain the ethical standards take the stem cells from the bone marrow of an adult. That is why it is quite unfair to say that these cells are taken from embryos because the best treatment providers will never do that.

Myth #3 Care needs to be taken at Birth for the Stem Cell Treatment

Many believe for the successful application of stem cell treatment, one has to preserve the umbilical cord. However, that is absolutely not true because the patient’s bone marrow and the fat are those places from where stem cells can be extracted successfully. So, you will probably don’t need the umbilical cord to get this treatment. So, this myth is also debunked quite successfully.

Myth #4 The Best Source of Stem Cells is Bone Marrow

There is a prevalent misconception among people of bone marrow being the only and the best source of stem cells. It is fair to stay that it is a great source in the first place but it will also be unfair to state that it is the only sources of stem cells. As a person ages, the stem cell count in the bone marrow gets reduced. So, even if the bone marrow is a great source, it is not the only or the best source. A better source of stem cells will be the adipose tissue because one can have abundant numbers of stem cells in this tissue.

Myth #5 Stem Cell Treatment is Unsafe

If you believe in this myth then you are perhaps living in a different century. Many types of research have been conducted on stem cell therapy and the result of those researches point out that this therapy is perhaps one of the safest and the most effective treatment methods.

Therefore, if you are still in a dilemma on whether to go for stem cell treatment in India or not then you should know that this will be one of the best decisions you will take if you decide to have this treatment.

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