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20 May 2019

Cerebellar Ataxia Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Much More!

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Cerebellar is that part of the brain which controls the muscular coordination. Ataxia is that condition when this coordination between the brain and the muscles breakdown leading to the difficulty in major voluntary movements such as picking up objects with the hands or ever walking. Initially, you will face trouble with your speech, swallowing food, and moving your eyes. There are many medical conditions which can lead you to cerebellar ataxia. The treatment of this disease will depend on the cause. A patient may have to use various adaptive devices like cranes and walkers. There many physical therapies are available for patients with cerebellar ataxia. Yet, the most effective way of tackling this medical condition is stem cell treatment.

Causes for Cerebellar Ataxia

Doctors have identified multiple causes which might lead to cerebellar ataxia. However, each and every one of those causes leads to one basic thing and that is the loss of brain cells or nerve cells in the cerebellum which controls the muscular coordination. At this juncture, you should know that the left side of the cerebellum controls the muscular coordination of the left side of your body and the right side of the cerebellum controls the movement in the right side of your body. Here are some of the causes of cerebellar ataxia:

• Blow to the Head: Due to an accident or any other reason, if you get hit on your head then that can cause damage to the spinal cord or brain which will eventually lead you to acute cerebellar ataxia.

• Stroke: When you get a stroke, the brain gets deprived of oxygen which leads to the demise of the brain cells. Because of this sudden death of the brain cells, you will get cerebellar ataxia.

• Cerebral Palsy: This happens to a child’s brain at the early stage of development. It can cause limitations to the movement of a child’s body.

• Infection: Due to chicken pox or other infections, one can get cerebellar ataxia. But that will happen at the time of healing and will last for weeks. However, this type of cerebellar ataxia is very rare.

• Tumor: If you have brain tumor irrespective of malignancy, you will have cerebellar ataxia because the tumor will definitely damage cerebellum.

• Medications: There are certain medications whose toxic reaction could lead to cerebellar ataxia.

• Vitamin Deficiency: If your body gets deprived of vitamins such as E or B-12, you could face cerebellar ataxia.

• Other Causes: Smoking, genetic or hereditary, taking illegal drugs or even excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to cerebellar ataxia.

Symptoms for Cerebellar Ataxia

When you have cerebellar ataxia, you have to take immediate action. Waiting for too long could lead to aggravation of the condition. For that, you need to be aware of certain symptoms which are listed below:

• Trouble in walking steadily

• Difficulty in speaking

• Struggling to write, eat or even buttoning shirts

• Uncontrolled eye movements

• Failing to swallow foods

When You Need to Go to a Doctor

You don’t know the causes or even the symptoms, here are some of the things that should make you aware that you need to go to a doctor to get cerebellar ataxia treatment in India:

• Difficulty in walking

• Getting misbalanced from time to time

• Lack of coordination between legs, arms, and handsets

Treatment for Cerebellar Ataxia

When it comes to the best treatment for cerebellar ataxia, one cannot ignore the effectiveness of stem cell therapy in India. It is the most effective treatment procedure which has treated multiple patients suffering from cerebellar ataxia. Therefore, you should not look for a second option for the treatment of cerebellar ataxia.

Stem cell therapy may provide some good advantages in case of such neurodegenerative disease such as:-

1. Stop the further progression of this neurodegenerative disease

2. Regenerate and repair damage neuron because the stem cell has the property to convert into neuron related cells.

3. So overall it improves balancing, walking and also stop further deterioration.


As you now know the effectiveness of stem cell therapy for cerebellar ataxia, you should get in touch with the best doctor for stem cell therapy and get the right kind of treatment that will treat your cerebellar ataxia once and for all.

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