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6 May 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Optic Nerve Atrophy

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The first thing that you have to understand about optic nerve atrophy is that it is not a disease. However, you should deem it as a sign of something for serious happening to your eyes. Optic nerve atrophy is that condition which can cause serious damages to your optic nerves that transports the impulse from the eyes to the brain.

Symptoms for Optic Nerve Atrophy

You need to have a good idea about symptoms for optic nerve atrophy. Whenever you see the symptom, you should get in touch with the best doctor for optic nerve atrophy. If you delay your treatment then you can have permanent blindness as well. So, let’s have a look at the symptoms for optic nerve atrophy.

• Pain in the Eye: This is perhaps the most common symptom for optic nerve atrophy. You will feel a dull ache around your eyes when you try to move the eyes. This will limit the eye movement and the pain will increase from time to time.

• Loss of Vision in One Eye: You can also lose vision in one eye as well. Very rarely, this vision loss will be permanent because, most of the time, patients suffering from optic nerve atrophy will have the vision back within days or weeks. In case you have the blindness, you should not wait to get Stem Cell Treatment for Optic Nerve Atrophy in Uttar Pradesh because the condition could become permanent if it is left untreated for a long time.

• Side Vision: It is also one of the most common symptoms of optic nerve atrophy. You might not be able to see a thing from the centre of your eyes but you will be able to see everything from the side of your eyes.

• Colour Vision Loss: When you have optic nerve atrophy, you might start to get confused about colours. You will struggle to differentiate between various colours. Well, it is one of the more prominent symptoms of optic nerve atrophy.

• Flashes: Because of optic nerve atrophy, you might start having flashes as well. You might be seeing lights flashing in your vision. Sometimes, the flashes can really make you uncomfortable and you could feel like vomiting because of it.

When One Should Consult a Doctor

Eye conditions are very serious and you should not take them lightly. Some eye conditions such as optic nerve atrophy can lead to permanent blindness which is perhaps the last thing you want in your life. Also, some eye conditions can be an indication of another medical problem persistent in your body. So, you should contact a doctor for Optic Nerve Atrophy Treatment in India if:

• New symptoms develop

• The symptoms you were having previously worsens

• You get symptoms which are unusual and indicate neurological conditions

Risk Factors for Optic Nerve Atrophy

Here are some of the risk factors for which you might have to look for the cure for Optic Nerve Atrophy:

• Sex: Women are seen to be more vulnerable to optic nerve atrophy than men

• Age: Adults of the age of 20 to 40 are more vulnerable to optic nerve atrophy

• Genetics: Genetic mutation is also one of the big risk factors for optic nerve atrophy.

Final Thoughts

The optic nerve atrophy can not cure completely but it atleast stop further vision loss and also recover some percent of vision back but there is one condition that such patient should have atleats perception of light (P/L) vision or even more than P/L). So, if you are suffering from this eye disorder then you can feel free to avail stem cell treatment because it is one of the most effective ways to treat the condition from its root. After availing stem cell therapy, you may be able to have some vision back.

Stem cell therapy may provide some good advantages in case of such eye related disorder:-

1. Stem cell has the property to regenerate retinal pigment epithelium cells, optic nerve and photoreceptor cells.

2. Stop further progression of this disease

3. So overall it may improve some vision back

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