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Alzheimer or Dementia
20 Nov 2018

Stem cell treatment for Alzheimer or Dementia

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Alzheimer disease or also called Dementia is a progressive disease that impairs mental functions and memory. This disease cannot be cured but still, the person can feel better by acquiring treatment. This problem persists till the person dies. The memory, thinking skills and their ability to perform even smaller functions deteriorate gradually as they become still older. The symptoms of the patients can be noticed after 60 years and today in America nearly 5.5 million people are suffering from this disease.

This disease occurs due to the damage caused to the brain cells. Due to the damage caused in the brain cells, they cannot communicate with each other.


Although tests cannot determine if the person is suffering from dementia, the doctors can determine Alzheimer disease by conducting different types of examination such as physical examination, laboratory tests, and other behavioral tests. But they cannot determine exactly the type of dementia of the patient.

Dementia Or Alzheimer Disease Treatment in India

Doctors prescribe drug treatment to the patients but they can temporarily cure the problems. They can suggest some non-drug therapies to cure some of the symptoms. But, yet the medical experts are deeply studying the root causes of dementia and are finding alternative treatments to alleviate this disease.

But the doctors suggest some ways to prevent the disease.

Physical Exercise: A person who regularly performs exercise can lower the risk of dementia. By exercising, the brain cells become activated and the oxygen flows to the brain directly.

Diet Factors: The person should follow a healthy dietary pattern to keep the brain in a healthy condition. They should preferably follow the Mediterranean diet because it protects the cells of the brain. Such persons should also eat whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and should not eat much meat.

Stem Cell Treatment

Doctors also suggest stem cell treatment for dementia or Alzheimer, The stem cell therapy for Alzheimer useful in curing different diseases such as sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, aplastic anemia, spinal cord injury, and other mental disorders.

As we know that Alzheimer or dementia is caused by damage to brain cells and this damage interferes with the ability of brain cells to communicate with each other. When brain cells cannot communicate normally, thinking, behavior and feelings can be affected. But stem cell therapy has the property to regenerate damaged nerve and brain cells so such patients may get some better improvement and also make patient’s brain more healthy and regenerative so it stops or stabilizes the further progression of this disease.

Stem cell therapy may provide some good advantages to treat such neurodegenerative disease such as:-

1. Stop the further progression of this neurodegenerative disease

2. Regenerate the damaged neuron, brain cells and improve brain function.

3. So overall it will improve the quality of life

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