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18 Dec 2018

The COPD disease and its treatment

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a type of lung disease that results in obstruction of airflow into the lungs. The person experiences shortness of breath and restlessness. The persons who suffer from this disease also experience problems such as cough, mucus production, and sometimes wheezing also. if a person is constantly exposed to pollution or smoke constantly, then they easily develop this disease. Usually, the people with COPD can later even develop heart disease. Some other patients suffer from lung cancer and other types of diseases.

This disease is usually caused due to chronic bronchitis and emphysema. A person suffering from chronic bronchitis experiences inflammation towards the lining of the bronchial tubes. They carry air from the air sacs to the lungs and hence due to constant cough or mucus production, the air does not flow properly into the lungs. When a person is constantly suffering from this disease, it results in COPD.

When the smallest air passages are destroyed, it results in emphysema. It is usually caused due to cigarette smoking. This problem can also develop into COPD.

This disease can be cured if diagnosed earlier.  The person should lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent this disease.

Stem Cell Treatment in uttar Pradesh

Some of the symptoms experienced due to this disease are:

Shortness of breath


Frequent respiratory problems

Swelling in Ankles

Chest Tightness

Lips becoming blue

Lungs affected

The air usually travels from the two large tubes of the lungs to the windpipe. The air sacs in the body have tiny walls of fluids and the oxygen that we breathe enters through the blood vessels and then they enter into the stream. So, when a person is affected by COPD, then the natural elasticity of the bronchial tubes is lost and they over expand.

The factors that can cause COPD

The disease is caused due to some risk factors such as

Exposure to tobacco

A person who is inhaling tobacco since many years usually experience this problem. The pipe smokers, marijuana smokers or the cigar smokers usually suffer from this problem.


The people who suffer from Asthma and also smoke often suffer from this disease.

Exposure to dust and chemicals

The patients who are exposed to chemical fumes, vapors or dusts in the workplace often suffer from this problem. They experience inflammation of lungs.


The people who constantly smoke or use tobacco suffer from this disease after 40 years.

Stem cell therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatment India is recommended by doctors.

Two types of stem cell therapies are recommended for COPD namely extrinsic cell therapy and MSCs. These stem cells include embryonic stem cells, pluripotent stem cells or lung stem cells etc

Till today, this therapy has successfully applied to the people with the disease. It can improve the overall health condition of the patients by using their own stem cells. This therapy is useful to patients who are not responding to the other type of treatment. The stem cells that are extracted from the patient are capable of replacing the damaged cells of the lungs. These stem cells can heal the body by replacing the damaged cells and regenerate new cells. They suppress the human systems macrophage response.

The COPD treatment in Uttar Pradesh  is provided by large clinics and by experts who provide treatment through various local administration, intravenous administration and even stem cell therapy.

The Stem Cell Research centers often access to individualized stem cell plans. Most of the treatment centers offer a standard treatment by offering IV or direct injections. They provide access to individual treatment plans that comprise of targeted administration methods. The targeted administration methods provide treatment to the patients with complications. They provide access to various stem cell treatment options.

The COPD treatment in Uttar Pradesh is provided by large clinics.

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