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1 Jun 2018

The Effects of Stem Cell Therapy for the Treatment of Diabetes

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As an autoimmune disease, diabetes affects the overall health of a person. It is a life-long disease in which the symptoms can be controlled, but it has no definite cure. In this metabolic disease, the body is unable to regulate the sugar levels in the blood. The body either can’t produce sufficient insulin or it can’t process the insulin.It can occur in two main types, Type 1 and Type-2. In Type-1 diabetes, the beta cells are destroyed by the immune system while cells can’t take up sufficient glucose in Type-2. In this disease, stem cell therapy in India can help for better treatment.

The Current Cure for Diabetes:

In the current context, there is no definite cure for this disease. Type-2 can be partially controlled with an overall healthy lifestyle and diet regimen. But, Type-1 is hard to cure by any such method. The patients need testing of their blood sugar levels at regular intervals and take insulin shots in the form of an injection or pump.

In the past few years, several research studies have been made to reduce the impact of this disease through transplantation of insulin-producing beta-islet cells and pancreas. However, it also relies on immunosuppressants to prevent the rejection of pancreatic cells by the body. These drugs have negative impact on the health and they carry some side effects as well. In this treatment, the number of donors is significantly lesser than the demand.

The Ongoing Research for Effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy:

The scientists are testing new methods for making beta cells for stem cell therapy in India. They are testing the mature pluripotent stem cells that can be transplanted into the affected people. It has been already proven that stem cell treatment can be done with the help of mesenchymal stem cells that can be differentiated into pancreatic beta-islet cells.

The Effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes Cure:

Diabetes is a condition that affects the pancreatic cells. Hence, autologous bone marrow-derived MSCs offer their immune regulatory properties to stop these immune attacks.

You can understand the impact of stem cells transplanted into the pancreas using a catheter as under:

Stem Cell Therapy for the Treatment of Type-1 Diabetes:

The stem cells have a capability to regenerate or differentiate into beta-islet cells for producing more insulin. It also provides a conducive environment for regeneration of these cells. Most importantly, stem cells have anti-inflammatory cytokines for immune-regulatory properties and stop the inflammation in the pancreatic arterial cells.

Stem Cell Therapy for Treatment of Type-2 Diabetes:

In Type-2 diabetes, patients suffer from both insulin deficiency and resistance. After migration of beta-islet cells to the affected areas, it regenerates the area and reduces the resistance to insulin.
These are some ways in which stem cell therapy can help in diabetes treatment.

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