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18 Apr 2019

Everything You Need to Know about the Treatment of Autism

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The term ‘autism’ is derived from the Greek word ‘autos’ which means ‘self’. In short, it referred to a range of neuropsychological conditions in which a person, to be more definite a child, becomes an ‘isolated self’.

What is Autism?

An autistic child suffers from impairments in social communication and developmental lingo and in communication skills united with inflexible recurring behaviors. For the wide range of symptoms, this condition is called autism spectrum disorder or ASD.

How to Identify an Autistic Child

An autistic child can be identified easily as they have delayed developmental milestones within the first year. Consult your child specialist if you notice your child doing repetitive movements, rigid to change, focusing on a particular subject with intensity. An autistic child is suffered from many other physical and mental health conditions accompanied by autism. Such as gastrointestinal problems, epilepsy, feeding issues, disrupted sleep, attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), schizophrenia, etc.

• Gastrointestinal Problems and Autism: A very common symptom an autistic child suffers from is a gastrointestinal problem that includes chronic constipation, abdominal pain, bowel inflammation.

• Autism and Epilepsy: Epilepsy affected a third people of autism whereas it affects only 1-2 per cent of the general population. Unexplained staring spells, involuntary movements, unexplained confusion, severe headache are some signs of epilepsy.

• Feeding Issues Associated with Autism: Feeding and eating problems affect almost 7 out of 10 children with the autistic syndrome.

• Disrupted Sleep in an Autistic Child: Almost half of the autistic children are suffering from a sleeping disorder.

• Autism and Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): ADHD affects almost sixty to seventy percent of autistic people.

• Autism and Anxiety: Anxiety affects almost 42 percent of people with autism.

• OCD and autism: OCD is very common in teens and adults with autism than in the general population.

Method of Treatment for Autism

Autism is not an untreatable disease. Autism treatment in India improves a lot since the last few years. One of the most promising treatment procedures for autism is stem cell therapy. It is nothing but the use of stem cells to treat or prevent disease. Bone marrow transplant is one of the most used stem cell therapy. This therapy is intended to relieve pain but it itself is a painless procedure. Stem cell therapy for autism in Uttar Pradesh does not promise to cure autism because the reason behind autism is still not discovered and therefore ‘cure’ is not possible. It only gives relief to some of the symptoms related to autism. Therefore consult a doctor as soon as possible to let your child get relief from the pains they are suffering from.

After being detected to have autism, your child specialist doctor will refer you to a psychologist or a child psychiatrist or a developmental pediatrician or a child neurologist who will actually give you a diagnosis for autism. Best doctor for autism is he, who will give stress more on complete evaluation, speech and language, hearing, physical and motor development and also intellectual development. This is an effective, painless and speedy therapy which is proved to be promising enough nowadays. Therefore to avoid pain stacking, expensive yet less effective treatment doctors choose this therapy rapidly.

Qualified Doctors for Autism

To choose the best doctor for autism, you have to check certain points such as whether the doctor maintains international quality, concerned about the safety of the patient, and whether knows the right dose or not. Stem cell therapy in Uttar Pradesh has technology and expertise of banking stem cells from various human sources.


Autistic children need sympathetic and friendly treatment from society then only medical treatment will affect them.

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