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7 Sep 2018

Spinal Cord Treatment

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Spinal cord, just like the brain forms the body’s central nervous system. All the messages that pass from the brain to the body are through the spinal cord and are sent back from different parts of the body back to the brain through the same system. A spinal cord injury is caused resulting from damages that occur in the spinal cord most commonly due to physical trauma. The injury may be permanent or temporary depending on the nature of the movement and how fast it passes to other parts of the body.

An injury caused can be of severe nature and can lead to zero sensation and restricted movement of the body. As it increases, you may begin to experience numbness further leading to paralysis. Spinal cord injury treatment India through stem cells has provided great relief for many patients. Let’s look at the symptoms related to the injury and how stem cell treatment helps in overcoming these issues faced.

What are the symptoms of a spinal cord injury?

If one’s spinal cord is injured or damaged by a physical trauma, it can lead to a gradual fall in the body movement. The sooner the symptoms are recognized, the treatment will have an enhanced impact on the patient.

  • Initial trouble in the movement of your body with restriction while walking
  • Increased breathing issues
  • Tingling or burning sensation
  • Muscle weakness
  • Uncontrolled bladder movements

What is the cure for Spinal cord injury?

An accident, a sports activity or a physical trauma of any nature can lead to a spinal cord injury. When you begin to feel the above symptoms and realize feel numbness, you must begin your treatment thereon. The earlier the complete treatment is done, the better it is for the body and its movement. Stem Cell Centre offers Spinal cord injury treatment in India using stem cells. Stem cell therapy reduces chances of the increment of the spinal cord injury by a large degree. The process includes replacing the dead nerve cells which have been affected due to the injury. This way, stem cell treatment can help prevent the damage from increasing and causing severity in the body.

The Stem cell treatment for spinal cord helps you regain the lost sensation, bowel movement and makes muscles active. The treatment further minimizes the chances of any other symptoms to arise during the process. Spinal cord injuries that are treated through stem cell therapy also result in initiating balance and ability to walk in the patients. While the spinal cord is linked to the brain, complete recovery may take a longer time. However, through stem cell therapy people who suffered spinal cord injuries have some respite. Even if it doesn’t cure the ailment to the fullest, it reduces complications to a great degree. Also, the sooner a patient is treated, more are the chances of a complete cure.

As a Stem Cell Center in India, we make constant efforts to cure life-threatening disorders. We use stem cell therapy application in orthopedic, neuro, eyes and other disorders. Stem cell researchers are constantly working out more effective ways through which complete cure can be met. However, so far the results have been good and stem cell therapy has been a great boon to medical science. It has brought great relief if not the absolute cure for patients who face challenges in body movement, muscle retention, breathing, heart diseases, strokes and so on.  Our aim is to bring such treatments closer to the patients so that they have access to a new way of life. Any improvement in them is an achievement for stem cell research.

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