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11 Apr 2019

Things That You Should Know about Dementia or Alzheimer Disease

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Alzheimer’s is one such disease can make your life a living hell. Even if any of your acquaintances have this disease then you will not be able to see their condition. Alzheimer’s disease is will make the situation of the patient worst with time. It leads to the death of the brain cells. It will have a severe impact on the behavior of the person and it will also affect the social skills which might that person socially isolated.

Basically, the person with Alzheimer’s will lose memory. Initially, the patients will lose the track of a conversation or forget about significant events that have happened in their life very recently. This inability of recollection will get worse from time to time as the patient will become incapable of performing day to day tasks as well.

There certain medications which will prevent the disease from spreading at a fast pace. In the advanced stages of this disease, the patient will have severe complications such as severe brain function loss which might also cause death. However, stem cell supplements could prove to highly effective for the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

However, if you are not able to figure out the symptoms of Alzheimer’s at an early stage and don’t take necessary actions against it then even stem cell therapy for Alzheimer will not be able to help you in curing this disease.

Symptoms for Dementia or Alzheimer Disease

The person suffering from Alzheimer’s will have memory loss. It is the first and the foremost symptoms that an Alzheimer’s patient will have. Also, struggling to remember the events and various conversations are also associated with the initial symptoms of Alzheimer’s. As time progress, other symptoms will also start appearing which will literally make your life difficult to live. However, the patient will not be able to notice these symptoms. However, a friend or family member could do that.

Multiple problems could arise with the problem of Alzheimer’s which include:

Occasional Memory Loss

The patients of Alzheimer’s will lose track of the memory from time to time. They will struggle to recollect and get lost in the middle of the conversations. However, with time, the situation will get worse and their daily life will get hampered as they struggle to perform even the easiest of the works. Alzheimer’s will do the following things:

• Repetition of the questions and statements

• Struggling to remember conversations

• Misplacing objects

• Losing track of their location

• Forget the family members’ names

Reasoning and Thinking

Alzheimer’s patients will be struggling to think logically and they will have problems in dealing with numbers. They will not able to do multitasking. Also, with time, they will struggle to maintain their finances. Paying billing and writing checks will become a far cry for them. Alzheimer treatment in India may slow down the worsening of this situation, but ultimately, the problems will get from bad to worse.

Making Proper Judgement

Alzheimer’s patients will have trouble in making general decisions in daily situations. For instance, they might misinterpret a person for someone else during social gatherings or even wear clothes which are inappropriate for certain occasions. Also, they will frequently burn foods while cooking or face difficulty while driving.

Stem Cell Therapy for Dementia or Alzheimer’s Treatment

In this age, with the advancement of medical treatments, one treatment that has come to the forefront as one of the best treatment options for Alzheimer’s is stem cell treatment. Therefore, if you know someone facing Alzheimer’s problem then you can recommend stem cell therapy in Uttar Pradesh because it will help them to recover in a better way.

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